Website Downtime | First Giveaway (9/10/2020)

Website Downtime


Hello everyone, as you may have noticed our website was down for roughly 24+ hours. We’re proud to announce this issue has been resolved and shouldn’t exceed such a long downtime in the future! What happened was the IP address for our web server was disabled for an undisclosed reasoning, since then our provider has moved us to another web server which means a few things for us. which is the website should experience less lag and we should also get quicker updates on why our website has gone down. Due to the downtime we experienced all Current users who signed up before 9/9/2020 have been given 400 DarkCoins for their troubles!

First Giveaway

On September 1st we ran a small giveaway for DarkCoins we had 19 people enter our giveaway out of them three people would have been picked to win 1st place: 1,000 DarkCoins, 2nd place: 800 DarkCoins, 3rd place: 500 DarkCoins. from this giveaway we’ve learned a lot from it and will use it in the future to make our giveaways better 🙂 but never the less the three winners were


🥈 @shannon367

🥉 @moeythebear

Congratulations to you three! all three have been awarded! In the future we’ll be doing another giveaway for what we haven’t decided yet!

Minecraft logo

Minecraft | New Server?

We have been considering to start another server for our players! What type of server are we considering you maybe asking, as of right now we’ve been considering Skyblock or OP-Prison server. With this being said, we’ll be considering opening up staff applications for our new server! as of right now this hasn’t been decided on when we’ll open the applications but it’ll be about a week or two before we launch the new server, so keep your eyes open for the application!

Minecraft | Towny Server

Once we’ve launched the new Minecraft server we’ll be taking down our towny server for a short period of time to make some changes to the following:

  • Economy
  • Permissions
  • Plugins
  • Crates
  • Ranks

These are just some changes we will be making to the server as of now, we do hope these changes shouldn’t take to long to implement. If the changes do take longer than we initially plan we’ll make sure to post new updates for you guys as of the status of the updates.

Have some a questions about these changes? Feel free to ask us in the forums or in the discord!

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