User Registration / Password Reset Issue Resolved!

User Registration and Password Reset Issues Resolved

Good evening everyone! Earlier this evening it came to our attention that users we’re not able to receive activation or password reset emails. Upon investigating the issue, we’d found the issue and quickly resolved it. For users who’d signed up for our site within the past 48-72 hours ago please contact me (Darktornado23) via discord and I’ll manually activate your account! As for users requesting a password reset you’ll just need to request another reset and should obtain the email shortly!

Minecraft World Resets!

As some of you saw in our previous post about resetting the End and Nether worlds we’ve decided on the end of the month 08/31/2020 at 12:00AM EST, as a date and time for both of these worlds to be reset! As also stated in our previous post we will NOT be responsible if any players lose items! After the Nether and The end have been reset we’ll move to a every week reset of the maps. We suggest that players move any items out of these worlds before hand! Survival world reset is currently being planned, for now we’ve considered resetting the survival world on 1/1/2021. As of now we think this will be our first world reset and then consider resetting the world after six months! upon when we reset the survival world we’ll be allowing the map to be downloaded. To download the world we’ll post a link in our post announcing the new world!

Other News!

  • We have started working more on making adjustments and adding new channels for our discord server! If you have a suggestion of what we should add to the discord please let us know 🙂
  • We hope to have voting crates done as soon as we can still but since the world is kinda hectic right now it has been hard for us to get them ready as quickly as we’d like to.
  • Production on the beginners quests should begin again soon, and once completed we’ll be attempting to start another quest tree.
  • Potential of staff positions opening up is not confirmed but may happen more on this will come soon.
  • Consideration to add pictures of the server on the site that can be used as backgrounds has also been considered.
  • Consideration to add a new segment on the site called “build of the week” where players can post there buildings they build on the server in our discord and may get posted on the website!


Have any questions? feel free to ask us in our discord!


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