The Last Community Update (04/01/2022)

The last Community Update

Hello everyone. Today, us at Darktechi have some sad news to announce. As of today Darktechi Network will be ceasing all operations.

Why is this happening?

We are doing this for a few reasons for starters the bills for the servers have finally caught up to us costing a whopping total of 412,022 USD. This has happened due to low player counts, and little activity within Darktechi.

Ending Notes

We are greatly saddened by this announcement but would like to thank you all for joining us throughout the years. Map download link can be found here

Till Next time
The Darktechi Team.

One thought on

The Last Community Update (04/01/2022)

  • Noni2245

    Bruh are you kidding me? I have spent so much of my time on this server, I can’t believe your just shutting down like that. Thats unacceptable! You ruined my family’s entire vacation! Do you know how much money I spend here every month? This is tyranny! Do you know who I am? I need an apology right now! You have no idea how troubling this is to me. You’ll never disrespect me like that again!


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