Planned launch of our Minecraft server

Minecraft Launch

Hello everyone! we are proud to announce we will be opening our server up soon! with this being said since I’ve had some issues in my personal life involving my grandfather I haven’t been able to really work on the server much, however he is doing much better! Now that he is doing better I can try to focus more time on the community and the server! upon us opening the server some features will still be unavailable at this time! which will be as follows

  • Server voting
  • Donator ranks
  • Server crates
  • Creative world
  • Bar NPC doesn’t work properly
  • Fisherman NPC has been disabled for now.

We hope to have these available within the next couple of updates to the server! We will still be accepting manual donations via paypal (contact Darktornado23 via discord for more information). As time progresses for the server we’ll look into opening new pathways for the community e.g. new servers, events, bigger updates and new changes. As of now some features that exist are as follows

  • Intro, Novice and Settler series quests
  • Ability to gain levels Via McMMO
  • Ability to get jobs on the server.
  • Ability to start a town (upon completing settlers series quests)
  • Ability to join towns
  • And more!

If you find any issues within the server please feel free to let us know via discord 🙂 we’ll be more than happy to look into the issue and try to resolve it as soon as possible in the #bug-reports channel! having an issue with a player being rude, cheating, or so on send us a detailed report in our #player-reports channel

We thank you for your dedicated with Darktechi Network! We hope you’ll enjoy our Minecraft server once more! In the future we’ll be adding more quests, a PvP arena and more!

We have launched our server 🙂 find out more here


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