PAX East is over! What now?


Now that PAX East is over some of you may be wondering what do I do now? and is there any cool new games to check out from PAX East 2022. I will tell you now that there is a lot of cool upcoming games and more from PAX! Also feels kinda weird not posting a community update for once o.o

Upcoming Games

BadgerHub – Me, My Mech, and I

Game screenshot of Me, My Mech and I.
Game screenshot of Me, My Mech and I.

This game when I saw it at PAX East caught my eye, while still in early development I really found it cool. This game is Stardew valley rouge like game, about optimism and mech units, while I do not know much about it. I can say one thing for certain the development team is an amazing group of people and I hope to be able to tell you more about this game in the future! Interested in learning more about the game? Check out there site

Studio217 – Pin City

I came across this game as they were right next to Me, My Mech and I. I got to say this game looks crazy! This is Golf with your friends meets bowling! This VR Game you have to pass interesting obstacles, such as fire, hilly bowling lanes and more, while I didn’t get to try the game myself, Check out the video from MasterGamingVR’s Video of it! here! This game makes me want to buy a Quest 2 and play it already

Scalisco – Rescue Pets

When I saw this game and saw the adorable little corgi logo I wanted to check it out, and upon talking to them I learned this game has a very cool mission behind it which is to help animals in the real world! They do this by donating 20% of there profits to local animals shelters that they collaborate with 🙂 Interested in trying the game? You can download it Via Android and iOS! links can be found here


Stack Up

I met them during PAX East and was curious what Stack Up was, upon meeting with them I learned they were a wonderful and amazing cause. Stack Up is to support US & Allied veterans by helping promote positive mental health and prevent suicide though gaming and geek culture. When I heard about this I fell in love with this cause If you are interested in learning more about Stack up and there mission, check out there website here!

Extra Life

Extra life is an event I have worked with in the past and have even started a team with for Darktechi Network. What Extra life’s mission is to help raise money to help sick children in hospitals by doing gaming events such as 24 hour events. Extra life started back in 2008 and since then has raised over $100 Million USD
If you want to learn more about Extra Life please check out there site which can be found here
And if you are interested in joining the cause and the Darktechi Team you can join here

Pics from PAX

Some pictures of cosplayers and what not I took from PAX East!



Ending bits

To those who went to PAX East we hope you had a wonderful time, If you would like us to remove any of your pictures from this post please feel free to join our discord and DM me 🙂 Till then we hope to see you all next PAX!

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