New website layout || Minecraft Server info

Website Layout

Hello everyone! As you may notice we’ve began working on a new website layout!

What you can expect going forward

1: Some features will be unavailable until further notice.
2: All forum posts have been purged
3: Some pages may/have been removed or moved.

If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact me on here or on discord as we’ve been working on a lot of new changes

Minecraft Server Update

As we’ve been working on the website update we’ve also been working on updating out Minecraft server to 1.15.2

What to Expect with the update
1: Will be on the latest version of minecraft
2: Will have a new permission layout
3: New quest system
3a: Will try to launch new quests every week/month
4: Planned New worlds
5: Planned Donator World

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