New Feature | DarkCoins | New Changes (9/1/2020)

New Feature | DarkCoins

Good morning as some of you may have seen there is a new tab in the menu called “DarkCoins”, and you maybe asking yourself “What is DarkCoins?” DarkCoins are a feature we are trying out for users to earn points on our site to obtain achievements, earn perks, and redeem them towards things on our servers! Once we’ve added more to this we’ll also write a better explanation of “what is DarkCoins”

As of now there isn’t much added to it but within time we’ll keep updating and adding on to this concept. Once we’ve gotten it to a stable place, we’ll begin working on adding things you can redeem your DarkCoins towards. For example, ranks on the Minecraft server, to just small things in our discord! If you have any suggestions please feel free to let us know in our discord!

Minecraft | World Reset

Last night we have finally reset our End and  Nether Worlds. Now that these have been reset we will be working on some new ways to get into the end such as by special items that can be bought in game, to a portal in the spawn world. Once this has been setup we’ll make sure to let you know 🙂 As for the nether, it should working normally If you find any issues within this world please inform us and we’ll be glad to look into the issue.

Minecraft | Refer A Friend

As we mentioned earlier about a “refer a friend” we’ve finally started to plan rewards and we’re also adding in something players will get for a referral to! When you refer a friend you and your friend will BOTH get 250 currency + a referral kit (once made) we’ll also be adding in an achievement on our site for people who refer X number of people.

As mentioned before the ideas for refer rewards will be

  • 1 refer | 100 currency
  • 5 refers | 5,000 currency + Discord server rank “Recruiter”
  • 10 refers | 5 Vote Keys
  • 15 refers | Donator Rank + achievement on website (still in planning) + recruiting pro rank

If we see people invite more than 15 people we’ll make sure to add more rewards!

New Server | CS:GO?

We are currently thinking of launching a CS:GO server! we are new to the whole server type, once we make a concrete decision on this we’ll be opening up applications for people to staff the server and help get it started! If you have any suggestions on what type of server we should run let us know in the discord!

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