Modpack Troubleshooting

My modpack broke!
In the event of this happening you can reinstall the modpack in one of two ways

option one:  This is the quickest and fastest way to fix it. start by opening your Technic Launcher. Once you’ve done so look for the Darktechi Modpack. Once you’ve found it click (Delete Pack) 

Now do note that once you do this all content in the modpack folder will be deleted this includes screenshots,world saves and so on.




Option two:
This will allow you to reinstall the modpack without losing any world saves, screenshots and so on. just like in option one, Open your Technic Launcher. Once you’ve done so then find the Darktechi Modpack now don’t click delete pack instead click modpack options.

Once you’ve done so you’ll then see a small box pop up like soOnce this pops up just click the option (reinstall Pack) the only that will be lost is any settings you may have changed in the pack as well as way points 

My modpack laggy/ hard to run?
in your Technic Launcher You’ll see a gear with the words “Launcher Options” beside it. Click on that, in here you’ll want to give your game more RAM as seen below
Once you’ve done so you should be all set and not have anymore lag. If the issue is still happening please let one of the staff know Via Discord and we’ll look into the issue.

I can’t set my launcher past 1GB
The reason you can’t go past 1GB in your launcher settings is due to the fact that you have 32-bit Java. what you’ll need to do is go to this page here -> page to install Java 64 bit Once here you’l have to look for x64. For an example windows x64 is what windows users would want to download to get the 64 bit version of Java for Windows. If your still having any issues please feel free to pop in the Darktechi Discord and we’ll do our best to help you.