Minecraft server updates! (7/3/2020)

We have made some changes to our server!

Good afternoon! Everyone we have made some new changes to the server also have fixed some issues!

Some of the changes we’ve done are

  • Added 3 new shops
    • Fisherman shop
    • Butcher shop
    • Herbalist shop
  • Added in donator kits
  • Added in ability to buy donator ranks in our web store
  • Fixed the ability of players not being able to access the nether or end
  • Updated our rules which can be found here
  • Added a bans page which can be found here
  • Fixed issue where players couldn’t earn money doing jobs

These are our current features added in! We plan in the future to add the following!

  • Ability to earn crate keys
  • Adding in crates
  • Adding a new quest line
  • Adding a player shop world
  • Adding a creative world
  • Reworking Job payouts
  • Update Menus

If you have any suggestions of what we should add next please let us know in the discord server! under “#mc-suggestions”! we will try to take all suggestions into considerations when we make changes to the server!

Some cool milestones we’ve met so far on the server is

Players in total have made $166k total in the economy

We have had a total of 47 unique players on the server

Players have already made it to the end and killed the ender dragon (the players who have killed the ender dragon for the first time are: _XDianiteX_ , GAMEBuster2005 , RB_Max )

A town has already been formed on the server! (Town name: Salem Created by: Rabbit)

These are some awesome milestones so far with how long the server has already been up! We are glad to have awesome players on our server and hope all of you enjoy our new changes we’ve added to the server! Hope to see you all on the server soon!

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