Minecraft server updates (7/15/2020)

Some New Features Have Been Added!

Good afternoon everyone! We have added some new features and are adding many more! some of the features we’ve added are listed as follows:

  • Ability to make gates
    • Gate closed
      A closed gate
    • Gate open
      A open gate
  • Ability to make elevators
    • Bottom floor
    • Top Floor
  • Ability to make bridges
    • Bridge extended
    • Bridge Withdrawn
  • Ability to sit on stairs
    • Darktornado23 sitting on a stair

These are only some of the new features we’ve added and are working on adding many new ones soon! We have also started working on crates! and are super excited about it.

A few other ideas we are considering is being able to buy some of our donator ranks in game such as Lord and Titan, this idea has not been finalized yet and is still in the works we have also been considering making custom ranks that can only be bought in game.

Little Facts About the Server

We have had our first donator!
Sinister1273 bought the first donator rank on the new server!

Server economy has a total of: 285K

Four towns now have formed on our server! these towns are:
Salem, Mandalore, Anteiku_cafe, and Valhalla

Just a friendly reminder to players who are new to Towny the bigger the town gets the more it’ll cost to expand. for example a claim starts at 250 but the next claim will increase by 10% each time making town expanding very expensive! residents of a town can add funds to the town to help pay for town expansions town owners can also sell plots to the town residents so they may build in your town!  If you have questions regarding Towny please feel free to ask!

New Quest Tree Development Has Begun!

As some of you have already finished all three of our quest trees we are proud to announce we have started developing the next quest line which is “beginner” this will be an easy-ish quest tree! Most likely will contain things such as mining materials, and bringing materials to NPCs in spawn we’ll also try to mix it up a bit with some combat related quests too. While we develop beginner we will also attempt to have “Intermediate” out along side it or shortly after!

Haven’t done the settlers quests? Have no worries as that quest tree isn’t required to move forward with a large majority of the quests, as that is designed for players who wishes to create a town!

New banner made for voting sites!

Thanks to our awesome director of Graphics (Shannon367) we have a new banner made for our voting sites! Once we have the ability for players to obtain vote keys we’ll be updating our voting sites with the new banner! below is our new banner!

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Hope to see you all on the server soon!
– – Darktornado23


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