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 Server Update

Good evening everyone! I first off want to say I am sorry for the delay with getting the server up and ready. The reason this has happened is due to some personal issues in my family, power outages in my area, and lastly college. I am currently working on finishing up the last bit of “Novice” as I have done some reworking of them, since some felt a little harder than should be for a novice quest. I am hoping within the next couple of weeks I should have them finished. once they are done, I am also going to be adding in crates, and donation kits.

Creative World

We have planned on pushing back the creation of our Creative World as there is still a lot to prepare for this, along with this we will also be pushing back the custom shop world so we may get more custom shops built. If you have suggestions for new features, you would like to see on our site please do feel free to message one of us on discord!


As of a few weeks ago we have partnered with Sparked Host LLC ! What does that mean for us? For now, now we are working out all the details, but one thing is we have a discount code with Sparked Host, If you use the code “Darktechi” You’ll get 10% for three billing periods of your orders! As more information comes out with our partnership, we will be keeping you guys updated! (Affiliate Link)


When we launch our Minecraft server we’ll be making some adjustments to our Discord server these changes are:

  • Slight channel tweaks
  • Adding/removing Roles
  • Adding/removing channels
  • Adjusting permissions
  • Updating server rules.

Website Tweaks

Currently we have been working on making the website, have a lower load time, increased performance, increased security and some other small tweaks.


If you have any questions regarding any of these tweaks and updates please feel free to ask us via Discord! We’ll try to answer any questions we can!

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Minecraft | Server Update | Partnership

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