Minecraft Server Maintenance (07/08/2020)

Upcoming Server Maintenance

Hello everyone! We will be doing some server maintenance today (07/08/2020) at 1:00 PM (EST). At this current time we do not have an expected time that maintenance will end. Our maintenance may include but not limit the following

  • Plugin updates
  • Adding/removal of plugins
  • Menu adjustments
  • Economy adjustments

We highly recommend any player(s) who have items in the Auction house to please remove them as we will be working on adjustments with the Auction house. We ask this as we can not guarantee the items will still be there afterwords.

We also highly recommend that any player who isn’t in the Survival or Spawn area should only be there as we Might  make some changes to the end during this update. We are not confirming that the end will have changes but just as a precaution.

We hope the maintenance will take no longer than 1-2 hours while our server is down our discord and website will still be fully operational. While we update our server we will also start trying to roll out some new quests for the “beginners” Quest tree! Even though they may not come out today we plan on setting up the structure for them!

Lastly if anyone has items on the ground. before the update understand they can get deleted so if you have items you don’t care about on the ground we would suggest highly of picking them up and storing them.

We hope you all enjoy our server as we strive to keep making the server fun for everyone!
If you have questions about the changes please feel free to ask us in our discord!
We thank you for understand and hope to see you all soon!

-Darktechi Network
–Darktornado23 (Director of Operations)

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