Minecraft server is now live!

Hello everyone! We have finally launched our Minecraft server!

With this launch we hope you guys will enjoy the basis of our server, as time progresses within the next few weeks we’ll be trying to push out new updates which will include

  • PVP Arena world
  • Shop world
  • Fisherman NPC rework
  • Creative world
  • Crates
  • And more!

You can find more of our plans for this server here! 

If we find out there is any major game breaking bugs in our server we will work on patching them first! so please if you find a bug within our server go to our discord and in the #bug-reporting channel please give us a detailed rundown of what seems to be the issue! If you find a smaller bug in the server also let us know 🙂

Soon we will start working on rebuilding our web-store! upon the web-store launch we’ll be having a 25% off sale! We hope you’ll all enjoy the new features we have planned for the server we’ll also look into world, town, quest and economy resets. If these are put in motion they will happen every 3-8 months as a full plan has not been developed yet! Upon us coming up with a more stable plan for resets we will announce it!

Other plans we have thought of in the future is developing other new server modes and eventually moving establishing a full Minecraft network!

Have a suggestion? we’d love to hear it! let us know in our #mc-suggestions Channel and we may just add your suggestion to our server(s)!

How to connect?

We hope to see you all on the server soon 😀

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