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Minecraft Server Rules

Effective Date: 11/25/2020 @ 5:48 AM EST

1)  No Harassing/ bullying players

  • If you are being Bullied or harassed please do the following
    • Take a screen shot of the acclamed harassment/bullying
    • Type the command /ignore
    • If the player is spawn killing you for example, record the incident
    • Contact a member of staff and send the following
      • Username of the offender
      • Your username
      • Time and date of when this happened + time zone
      • Screenshot(s)/Video(s) of Proof.

2) No Doxing or reveling private information of players

Doxing is the internet-based practice of researching and publicly broadcasting private or identifying information (especially personally identifying information) about an individual or organization 

  • If found to be Doxing a player you will be immediately banned from our network
  • if a user has been found to be doxed they are to contact a Director immediately.
    • You will be asked to provide proof such as
      • Data Released
      • User who released the data
      • when the information was released
    • We take doxing very seriously if you are found of of falsified / hoaxed a dox report you’ll be banned from the network. If your information can be found on your Darktechi Profile this will not be considered as a Dox

3) Do not steal, copy, modify or reuse skins this also pertains to names or other content that doesn’t belong to you.

  • This rule is self explained. If you feel as you need this explained please contact a director.

4) No inappropriate builds

  • Do not build things that are:
    • Racist
    • Homophobic
    • anti-semantic
    • Sexual

5) Do not use Cheats, glitches, loopholes, hacks, or modified clients to give yourself an advantage over other players

  • We do allow some mods which can be found here -> Approved mods (coming soon)
  • These rules cover gameplay features such as
    • Staircase glitches
    • ender Pearl (EP) glitches
    • Shop & Player Exploits
    • Anti-AFK Machines
    • Other game mechanic glitches
    • use of X-ray texture packs/mods

6)  No Auto Clickers/Macros

  • This also means use of features on keyboards or mice that can be used to give an advantage

7)  No deliberate lag generation

  • If you are found to be causing lag deliberately the lag will be cleared by staff

8)  Be respectful to everyone

  • If you have an issue with a staff member such as (see list below) open a complaint on our forums or contact a director
    • Abuse of power
    • Harassment
    • Etc

  • Do not impersonate a member of staff
    • Do not waste staffs time
    • Do not Backseat Moderate.
  • Don’t engage or scam players
  • do not invite people to your town (towny server) just to steal from them.

9)  Alt accounts are not allowed

  • If your using an alt account for the following reasons you’ll be temp-banned
    • Stealing items from players
    • Spying /stalking players
    • Abusing referral rewards
  • There are some cases where users may be allowed an “alt account” Please contact a director for approval

10)  Griefing is not allowed

  • This includes
    • Griefing player bases
    • Stealing from players
    • Spawn killing

11) No spamming / Advertising

  • Spamming includes
  • Chat flooding
  • Command spamming
  • DM Spamming
  • Death spamming
  • Please do not advertise the following
    • Other Minecraft servers
    • Other Discord Servers
    • Other communities
  • If you wish to advertise your Twitch stream go to our discord and post it in our #Bulletin-Board

12) Don’t harass staff

  • Don’t beg/harass staff for the following
    • OP
    • Creative
    • Item(s)
    • Staff

13) Please use English only

  • This is an English speaking server/community and we ask for all members to please speak in English.

14) No Political and or Religious discussions

  • To help prevent any spamming or harassment of players we’d simply prefer if members would refrain from bringing up these two categories.
  • If you’d like to discuss these with someone we will not hinder you from doing so but ask of you to take it to a private discussion.
  • Do note that if you do decide to talk about these in a private matter you are not protected under our rules for this.

15) Don’t be an Idiot, please use common sense

  • Think before you do, this maybe things like sending a message, stealing from a player etc.
  • Please don’t play intoxicated or under any the influences of any narcotics
  • Think about how the actions you take may not only affect you but others around you on the server

16) Anything that can be in violation of US law is also to be considered a rule on Darktechi

  • This includes this such as but not limited to.
    • Fraud
    • Theft of Intellectual Properties
    • Grooming children
    • Pedophilia
  • If this is reported or noticed on our network you will be banned effective immediately and will contact the proper authorities. This is your first and final warning
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