Huge Announcement! (9/30/2020)


Hello everyone! Darktechi Network has a a lot of new things coming that we are proud to tell you guys about!

Lots Of New Servers Are Coming!

As of the past couple of weeks we’ve been working on getting a some more servers live for everyone as we understand not everyone likes just Minecraft, because of this we’ve started trying to roll out the following: 2 CS:GO Servers (game modes coming soon), 2 TF2 Servers (game modes coming soon), We’re also working on expanding on our Minecraft servers! With this being said we’ll be launching an OP Prison Server, a Hub, and hopefully a SkyBlock server! Upon launch of this we’ll be taking our Towny server down for much needed reworking, however due to this we’ll be needing to reset the map sooner than we originally expected. We will keep our promise however and make the map downloadable for members!

Sneak peak of the hub world

Website Rework!

Upon us launching new servers we also will be reworking our website soon. This rework hopefully will contain a new theme design, some modifications to account profiles, and more! Once the site is going to go down we’ll make an announcement over our discord server We will also be working on adding some more forums! some other things we’ll be adding is more things to do with “DarkCoins” for example, being able to buy badges, ability to create custom forums and more.

DarkCoins Modifications

After we launched DarkCoins we realized shortly after it needs a bit more fine tuning, also some documentation for it. With this being said, once we start the website rework there will be some adjustments to DarkCoins and how they are earned, from things such as increased daily login reward, more ways to earn via forum posts, and so on. Once the changes have been made there will be an announcement and more information on the changes that we’re made

 New Staff & Staff Applications?

We’d like to welcome our new staff member @mejilla to our team! and hope you enjoy working with us :). Yes you read that right! Darktechi Network will soon be potentially opening up some staff positions for our new servers and for our Minecraft network! So keep an eye open for applications! As for now we do not know the current amount of staff we’ll be bringing onto the team, once applications have been opened up we’ll explain more then.

Community Suggestions!

In the next couple of days we’ll be creating a community feedback form! This will be so we may collect suggestions for changes, new features, and server suggestions! Again this will be posted in our discord server !


If you have any questions regarding this post please feel free to message me on here or message me on discord

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