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To make a town you first require the following

Mayor Rank

To obtain this rank, you can get it from either the Town mayor which can be found in Spawn for 10k OR you can buy the rank for $2.95 on our site (higher ranks also obtain access to this ability)


To start a town you'll need 15k, we suggest double that so you may also claim more land to expand your town


These commands will help you get your town started!



/t new <TownName>

Allows you to create a town. (Costs 15k to create town).

/t <TownName>

Displays information about the town.

/t Add <PlayerName>

Invites player to town.

/t deposit {amnt}

To deposit money in your town bank.

/t claim

To claim a chunk for your town (Must be next to a pre-existing claim of your town).

/resident toggle constantplotborder

Allows you to view chunk borders of your town.

/Town Spawn

Teleports you to your town Spawn.

Plot Management Commands

Claimed townblocks/chunks are called plots. Remember that they are simply claimed chunks, so all of them are 16×16 blocks.



/plot forsale {price of the plot}

Plots can be sold and given to your residents. To put a plot for sale.

/plot set perm <group> <permission> [on/off]

The owner of a plot can control who can access it while standing in it


  • friend – players on your friend list. You can edit your friend list with /res friend.
  • resident – players from your town.
  • ally – players from your town, nation and allied nations.
  • outsider – players not from your town, nation or an allied nation.


  • build – controls whether a group can build in your plot
  • destroy – controls whether a group can break blocks in your plot
  • switch – controls whether a group can use chests, hoppers, furnaces, doors, dispensers, etc.
  • itemuse – controls whether a group can place/destroy minecarts, use buckets and bone meal, etc.

/ resident set perm <group> <permission> [on/off]

If you want to control permissions for all your owned plots.

/  plot set <plot type>

Plots can be of different types, which have unique functions. You can change a plot’s type while standing in it.

Plot Types:

  • default – the default plot type. All plots are default when first claimed. Non-default plots can be made default again with /plot set reset.
  • shop – designates a player shop area. The plot will appear red on the map.
  • arena – arena plots have PvP and friendly fire enabled at all times.
  • embassy – if for sale, embassy plots can be bought by any player, even if they’re not a resident of the town.
  • bank – designates a bank, which allows you to deposit and withdraw from your town and nation banks.
  • jail – designates a jail, where players will be sent to if imprisoned – see the section on ranks.
  • farm – designates a farm, where the only blocks that can be placed and destroyed are crops.
  • wilds – designates a semi-protected wilderness plot, where trees, flowers, mushrooms etc can be broken but all other blocks cannot.

Town Management Commands

Mayors can control various aspects of their town, including tax rates and rank assignment.



/Town set name <New Name>

Changes Town Name

/Town set mayor <player>

Allows you to transfer Mayorship of your town

/Town Set board <message>

sets the town board, which is seen on the scoreboard and by players when logging in.

/Town Set Homeblock

sets the homeblock of your town. Typing /town set spawn in a homeblock changes your town respawn point to where you are standing.

/Town Set Tag <Tag>

sets your town tag, which will be shown in chat instead of your full town name.

/t rank add <player> <Rank Name>

Mayors can assign ranks to residents to aid them in administrating their town with

Rank list:

  • Comayor – has all the permissions of a mayor (including the ability to delete a town!). Give this rank with caution.
  • assistant – has the ability to invite and kick residents, manage plots they don’t own, claim land and jail residents.
  • police – has the ability to designate outlaws and jail residents through /town toggle jail . Keep in mind you need to set a jail plot for the jail command to work.
  • builder – can build in any plot, even if they don’t own it.
  • planner – has full access to plot management commands.
  • treasurer – has full control over taxes (explained later in this tutorial) and can withdraw from the town bank.

/town toggle jail <player>

Mayors and police can jail and unjail residents.

Jailed residents will be sent to a jail plot if one exists. They cannot teleport and will return to the jail if they die. However, they can leave by escaping the jail plot and walking out of the town, or by paying a bail to the town bank through the command /resident jail paybail.

/town outlaw <add/remove> <playerName>

Outlaws are players who can be attacked in a town even if it has PvP disabled. If an outlaw dies inside your town, they will automatically be jailed. You can manage outlaws through the command

/ town outlawlist

You can see the list of outlaws.

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