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Hello! | Darktornado23

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Hello everyone! I thought I'd say a little abit about me to start this chat off!

I started Darktechi as a small joke with some friends as we all liked to play things like Minecraft together as time grew we started noticing new faces joining the server people we've never met before and decided to keep it going. (this is back in Minecraft 1.2.4 BETA) as time grew some of the friends abandoned the small community of friends but I kept trying to grow it to where it is now!

Somethings I like to do are play games such as Among us, League of Legends, Runescape, Old School RuneScape, Minecraft, and so many more to list x.x

Music I like is Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Alternative, and a few other genres.

I may add on to this in the future but for now I will keep this as is!
Wanna ask me something? Feel free to DM me on here or on Discord!

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