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[Closed] [Denied] Youtube rank Neon Pizza

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[1] First Name: Harry

[2] Age: 15

[3] Timezone: Australia

Application Questions

[4] Youtube channel link:

[5] How many subscribers do you have?: 104 

[6] How long have you been apart of Darktechi? I have been on this server for a while now and just now have gotten back to playing it allot more

[7] How long have you played on any of our server(s)?:

I have only played on darktechi and for about 11 hours game time

[8] Discord Username example Wumpus#0000: Neon Pizza#6900

[9] Proof of channel ownership: On my latest stream I was streaming on the server With my NEON_PIZZA_ acount

[10] Is there anything you would like us to know? I am A small youtuber with a channel that is growing allot in the past few weeks with 20+ subscribers and 3000+ views. And love the server and have been playing it regularly .

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First I would like to apologize for such a long wait on us getting back to you,
unfortunately myself and a few other staff members have discussed in private that we will be denying your application.

Reasons we have denied your application are:
* Underage 
* Not active within community
* Not active within server

If you feel we have denied you wrongfully please do let us know via DM on discord.

- Best regards
Darktornado23 | Director of Operations @ Darktechi

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Thread locked

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