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[Closed] [Application Template] Youtuber Application

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Please use this application template to apply for Youtuber Rank

Minimum Requirements:

  • 1,000+ Subscribers
  • 250+ Views/pre video
  • Minecraft related content
  • Have uploaded Darktechi Content


  • Youtube Rank
  • More will be explained upon acceptance.
Basic Demographics

[1] First Name:
[2] Age:
[3] Timezone:

Application Questions

[4] Youtube channel link:
[5] How many subscribers do you have?:
[6] How long have you been apart of Darktechi?
[7] How long have you played on any of our server(s)?:
[8] Discord Username example Wumpus#0000:
[9] Proof of channel ownership:
[10] Is there anything you would like us to know?



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