Darktechi Website & Server Changes (8/17/2020)

Website Changes

Hello everyone I hope you are all having a great day! We’ve gone and made some changes to our website! such as we’ve gone and removed the old boring forum system and added a new one in with some new topics and layout! Have some suggestions for what we should add as a new forum? let us know here!
A picture of the new forums

(A picture of the new forums)

Server Changes

While we’ve been working on getting the shop world ready we have also started working on soon having vote crates available! As of now we don’t have exact plans for what will be available we’ve considered adding some kits in.

Sneak Peak of the shop world

(sneak peak of the shop world, more to come soon!)

New feature in the works: There is a plan for a referral system to be added into the server! Even though this is a new idea we haven’t tried before some ideas for the system will be as follows

One Invite: 100 in game dollars
Five Invites: 5,000 In game dollars + Discord server rank “Recruiter”
Ten Invites: 5 Vote Keys
Fifteen Invites: Donator Rank
These ideas are not concrete but this or something similar to it will be added in!

When will we see this feature added?: As of right now we have no set plan for when this feature will be added in, however we’d like to try and add this plan in after we get the Vote crates finished!

World Resets: Within the next couple of weeks we’ll be resetting the end & Nether world! What does this mean for you? Any player in the world does have a chance of dying from suffocation / falling out of the world If you die from these reasons we will NOT be reasonable for this as you’ve been given a prior notice before this would happen, the world reset will also be announced within the hour of the reset!

 Discord Changes

We are now a community discord! With us being a community discord this allows users to now subscribe to our #announcements channel in other servers 😀 We’ve also been working on adding some new roles, Also we’ve been adding/removing channels on the server

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