Darktechi Updates | Server Changes (01/05/2021)

Updates in Darktechi & Server changes

Hello everyone!

Sorry we haven’t been posting often on what is happening within Darktechi as I’ve been busy with college and some other small ordeals. For starters we’ve added a new role to the Discord called “Server Manager”, the two people in these roles will be working on our servers the servers they manage are.

As we progress we’ll be working on adding more server managers as we see fit/needed.

What is the purpose of this role?

This role is right now just a placeholder for managing the servers, and in the future will have power such as but not limited to.

  • Hiring/firing staff (for there division only)
  • Ability to run events (for there division only)
  • Ability to ban/kick/mute players
  • Rework server rules (for there division only)

these are only some of the abilities this role will hold, of course as time progresses we’ll be making more changes as needed.



Minecraft Server Changes


We have finished the server over hall for Towny, somethings we’ve changed are as follows

  • New Spawn has been added
  • Permissions have been reworked (may have bugs still)
  • New survival world has been created!
  • New rank for ability to own a town (Mayor)

Within the next few days we’ll be attaching the server to our bungeecord network. till then players can use (play.darktechi.com) to connect to our towny server. Once the server is attached to the bungeecord network we’ll be moving to change the address t0 the bungeecord server. If you have any questions regarding when this will happen it’ll be posted 2-3 days in advance in our discord before it happens.

Once the server is moved to bungeecord players MAY lose items we can’t confirm this will or will not happen. What we’d suggest players to do is store there items in a chest before we move the server. (Players will have a 2-3 days notice PRIOR to the move on our discord) we also suggest that players write down and save there location of home.

OP Prison-

As of now our OP Prison server SEEMS stable to be played on and will be available when the server address is moved over.  For now there isn’t many updates on this till we get players on.

Hub – 

We hope to have our hub ready in the next few weeks! Not many updates on it at this time.


CS:GO and TF2 Updates

 Until further notice we’ve suspended development on these due to holidays and our server manager unable to work on them at this time. We will keep you updated on these when possible!

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