Darktechi Update | Web & Server update (02/07/2021)

Darktechi Update (02/07/2021)

Hello everyone! Darktechi is proud to announce we will be reworking out website, making some slight cosmetic changes to our Minecraft Servers, also made some changes to our discord! We hope you like the changes we’ve made! In this post we’ll be discussing what changes we plan on making and already have made!

Website Changes

Within the next week we’ll be taking our website down for at most a week, by doing so we will be able to do some much needed maintenance, changes to our layout, and remove some unused or not needed features. what we ultimately hope to achieve from this is the following:

  • A new webpage appearance
  • A more optimized website
  • Lower loading times
  • A less confusing navigation

As of now we are not sure what features we’ll be removing! but never the less we’ll be working to restore the website as fast as possible! One feature we are sure we may remove for now is our shop, for the fact that the shop isn’t setup as we’d like and also we can manually do “DarkCoin Purchases” via Discord or forums.

Discord Changes

As some of you may have noticed our Discord has undergone some changes! We did this as a way to make our Discord a bit more informative and easier to navigate! If you feel as if the Discord navigation is still hard to follow, please let us know so we can work on try and improve it, as we always try to take our members comments and feedback into consideration when we make changes.

(Base of @doctorawesome21)

Minecraft Changes

As of now we haven’t made many changes to our Minecraft servers except some small bug fixes such as

  • Bug where when users have (Streamer) role in survival would take president over any other role in list
  • Issue where users would get kicked form MC as soon as tried connecting.

We are currently aware that the permissions on Survival are buggy and that the NPC’s in prison are doing weird NPC things.

Also would like to give a small shoutout to @mastow for killing the Ender Dragon solo!

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