Darktechi Update | lots of new changes (05/28/2021)

Darktechi Update | lots of new changes (05/28/2021)

Hello everyone! Sorry for us not posting any new updates due to college and many other life things going on, but we have a big one coming in today!


For starters we are having our first event! which will be an AMONG US event! to learn more about that please check out the discord for more details, the first 9 entries to the event will get a 5$ Stream gift card, we hope to see you all there!


While we haven’t been making posts on the site we do have a lot going on behind the scenes that we would like to discuss with all of you, such as we are working on redoing our prison server completely! this is due to the fact there was a lot of issues with the last one and we hope to resolve it with this complete overhaul, we have added some new features such as explosives you can use for mining in the mines and so on! We do note this may change as time goes on, but we hope to have all the bugs worked out before we release it.


We are also working on launching a skyblock server with a lot of maps to choose from! there will be a “beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert level maps” we hope you will enjoy these the server will also contain things such as, a warzone, a resource dungeon, Ore Generators, and more! We do not currently have a projected time of when this server will be live, but we are hoping within the next couple of weeks we will have it up and running, as we only have a little bit left to do 😊.


We will be making some slight website tweaks as well for example we will be making the “our servers” button on the home screen usable and add a “copy server address” button on the home page.

If you have any suggestions of what we should add to our servers please feel free to let us know in the forums 😊 thank you all for being amazing people and sticking with us!

Here is some pictures of players work from the Survival server!

Made by BruanEva

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