Darktechi Update | 06/07/2021 | New server & giveaway!


Hello everyone! We are proud to announce that as of today we are now launching our skyblock server! We understand that the server may still have some bugs and glitches! If you come across one please report it to one of the admins, our server manager, or myself so we may work on resolving the issue(s) as quickly as possible! if you are wanting to buy a rank you can use code “SKYBLOCK_LIVE” on our craftingstore to get 25% off! (Sale ends on 08/31/2021)



As we now have launched our Skyblock server we’ll be having a giveaway! This will not be just to promote the new server, but also a way for us to give back to the community! If you wish to enter please follow this link  We will be updating the end date of the giveaway so it will be drawn in 14 days! The giveaway prizes are as follows 1x Minecraft Account code 2X VIP Rank on our Skyblock Server! So don’t miss your chance to enter!


As of today we’ve gone and taken down prison until further notice to allow us to fix multiple issues with the server and finish our work on updates and what not we hope you all understand and we hope to have the server up within a few weeks, however this is subject due to change! Once we can bring Prison up we hope for it to be back up and running fully without any major issues


We hope to see you all on the new server soon! and hope you all have a great time playing! Have questions? feel free to message myself or Heroic Potatoes, and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have for us!


Until then, see you soon!
-Darktechi Team

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