Darktechi Network Updates! 7/20/2020

New changes to Darktechi Network!

Hello everyone! We have gone and made some changes to our website and have some new announcements for our Minecraft server!

CloudFlare’s official Logo

For starters we have setup CloudFlare on our website to help optimize our website speed!

So what does this mean for you? Before our website used to take longer to load and made it harder to access some content so now with CloudFlare Our website should load a LOT faster than before!

Another change we are planning on making is removing “badges” on profiles for now. the reasoning for this is that there are some small issues with how they work. such as not applying properly, to falsely showing up on profiles. This doesn’t mean we will be removing them for good as we do plan to bring them back.

Now for our Minecraft server!

Final results from the next add-on to the server

A few days ago we made a quick poll on our discord of what should we add next? A PvP world or a shop world? and as the results sit we are going to be working on adding a shop world!

We’ve already started building and planing on having a lot of shop areas for players to rent/buy.

How will the shop world work?

The shop world will be an area for players to buy or rent buildings, to create a shop in this will allow for a player ran economy. With that being said we do not plan on removing the other shop(s) from the server. however we may consider remarking prices, changing items that can be bought etc.

A sneak peak of the shop world!

The world will be medieval themed and have building sizes from small to large! As of now pricing for renting these buildings has not been set or agreed on yet. However, once we come closer to a public launch of the shop world we’ll release more information regarding that.

Lastly we have added support for 1.16 Minecraft clients to our server!

Players who are on 1.16 and wish to play on our server still can! Please note this doesn’t mean we’ve updated to 1.16 yet (the server will still be 1.15.2) however there has been some minor discussion regarding an update to 1.16 and we feel as since the update is still so new we have decided to hold back until we do a map reset.

Reason we have decided this, was due to many plugins still needing to update to 1.16 and also this will allow us more time to plan any new changes we may want to add to our server e.g. New worlds, new quest trees, new custom mobs etc. We hope you understand our reasoning for this.

Have some questions, or want to suggest something new? Feel free to hop in our discord! Click here to join our discord

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