Darktechi charity Event & Community Update

Darktechi charity event & Community Update

Good afternoon, everyone. We hope you are all having a great day. We have some very interesting news for you guys today! Also, we are sorry we haven’t posted in a while. We’ve been busy with some things 🙁

As some of you may remember, in our post about PAX East we mentioned a charity called “Stack Up”, which was to raise money for veterans and to help lower the suicide rate of veterans, so with this being said, we will be teaming up with them to raise money for the cause. The event date will be posted on our discord, under announcements.

A little more about Stack Up

Stack Up is a 501(c)(3) military charity supporting active and veteran service members from the US and allied nations by promoting positive mental health and suicide prevention through gaming and geek culture. We utilize a comprehensive approach consisting of 4 pillar programs: Supply Crates, Air Assaults, The Stacks, and the Overwatch program.

“Supply Crates” are video game care packages sent to deployed units and veterans in need. They [Supply Crates] serve as a preventative measure, aiding to prevent the onset of operational stress by providing a healthy outlet for decompression before there’s a problem.

“Air Assaults” are all expenses paid trips for veterans to attend gaming and geek culture events. These trips reduce the threat of isolation by enabling them to connect with members of their military family who share their interests, and introduce them to a community of fans and industry professionals who support and admire them.

The Stacks” are our volunteer force for good. These teams, located in many places around the globe, serve veterans and their communities by hosting events, participating in community projects, and creating opportunities for veterans to come together in their local area and support one another.

And our “Stack Up Overwatch Program (StOP)” provides 24/7 crisis intervention and peer to peer mental health support through our Discord community. Regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other factor, veterans and civilians alike are welcome to come speak with our trained and certified volunteers about whatever challenges they might be facing.

We hope you will all join us for the event. Any amount you donate goes to help the cause. If you have any further questions regarding Stack Up please don’t hesitate to ask me or join the Stack Up Discord, and we’ll try our best to answer any question(s) you may have. We will post more updates and some incentives for the event as we get closer to the event.

Wanna donate? Click here!

Community Updates

As some of you are aware, we have been having some issues with our survival realm. We are working hard to resolve those issues as soon as possible. Some of the latest downtimes have been due to our providers needing to make some repairs to the servers. The server will be playable for players, but we are still working on rebuilding the donor kits and some of the player kits. Donator ranks are still in the works as some issues have come up that were unexpected. This is mainly due to some time constraints and whatnot.

Skyblock Update

We are looking into what we can do with Skyblock as it doesn’t appear to be popular on our network. We would love to hear some feedback from the community on what we should do with the server.

Prison Update

As of now, since we were making changes to help optimize survival and the hub, we haven’t had much time to touch prison. We hope to maybe spend time within the next few weeks working on prison

Known Issues

We have been notified of a known issue on the hub where if you walk off the spawn you just fall forever. We will be addressing and looking into that further.

1.19.x Update

As some of you know, We haven’t added 1.19.x support yet. Because of the way Mojang x Microsoft wants to do the punishment system, we don’t think it’s worth the time and headache to update to 1.19.x. and also risk players getting falsely reported since there doesn’t seem to be an appeal system with Mojang If this new punishment system is removed in the future or there is a large outcry for us to update to 1.19.x, we’ll consider it.

Bedrock Support

Due to the little usage of Bedrock Connection for players, we will be discontinuing support for Bedrock Connections at this time. In the future, this may become more of an accepted thing and will support bedrock connections again in the future.


As some of you know, we have started trying to peer into game reviews. Since then, we asked the community in our discord if they’d like us to do anime reviews also. Since a lot of people said yes to this, we hope to soon start making anime reviews on top of our game reviews. If you have suggestions for what anime/manga or games we should review, please let us know in the comments or on our community feedback channel on Discord!

We have also been pondering the idea of doing tech reviews, but are not quite sure about this for now.


We are currently still looking for team members to help us with servers. If you are interested, we are looking for the following: developers, admins, and mods. If you are interested, please DM me on Discord to get more information 🙂

We would also like to welcome our new staff members, Ham and NoctrienalizerX, to our team! 🎉🎉

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