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What is DarkCoin?

DarkCoins is a community based currency for Darktechi Network, which can be used to buy things from our DarkCoins Shop. DarkCoins was created as a more fun and engaging way for community members to earn new achievements and special perks within our community without needing to spend real money. Even though DarkCoins is a new feature on our site we hope for it to grow and become a fun feature for our members.

How do I earn DarkCoins?

Earning DarkCoins can be accomplished multiple of ways. for example logging in will earn you X amount of DarkCoins or completing various achievements for example updating your profile, which will also give you X amount of DarkCoins. Another way to earn DarkCoins is via Giveaways that we host in our Discord server, In the future users will be able to join tournaments, and build competitions.

Can I transfer DarkCoins?

As of right now we haven’t enabled the feature for users to transfer their DarkCoins to other users, however in the future this may become a feature we allow.

Do I need to be logged in to obtain DarkCoins?

To obtain most DarkCoin Achievements you’ll need to be logged in to do so as they are based on your activity, however some are special case e.g. obtaining likes on post do not require you to be logged in.

Can I buy DarkCoins?

Yes, users are allowed to buy DarkCoins but must contact Darktornado23 Via discord and arrange it through him, once done you should see your DarkCoins within 10-20 minutes*

*Time varies in some special cases.

How much is DarkCoins worth?

Currently DarkCoins are
1000 DC$ = $1 USD

Can I buy DarkCoins for other people?

Yes, a member may buy DarkCoins for other people if they do choose to, they’ll need to follow the same steps as if they are buying them for themselves

Can I cash out my DarkCoins for real money?

As for now no, members can not withdraw their DarkCoins for real money in the future we’d like for something like this to exist, however for now that doesn’t seem possible on our end. We do however plan on adding it so members can use DarkCoins in for currency in other servers we host.


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