Community Update (10/18/2021)

Staff applications.

We’ve opened the ability for people to apply to join our team! We are currently looking for the following: Trial Moderators, Developers, Moderators, and some admins. If you feel like you’d be a great part of our team then we highly encourage you to apply! <Click here to apply>

A new staff Member!

we would like to welcome our newest member of staff to Darktechi Noni! They are a developer for Darktechi and will be helping us with Minecraft server development things! We are more than excited to have them on our team! Make sure to congratulate them in the discord!

Picture of Prison Spawn
Picture of Prison Spawn


Pickaxe stats and enchantments
Pickaxe stats and enchantments


Update on our prison server development

While we we’re hoping to have our prison, server deployed much sooner some roadblocks stopped us from achieving our original goal, we are hoping within the next month or two to have the server playable, since we’ve taken longer to open the server, we’ve also added some new features to it such as gems, pickaxe levels, and pickaxe enchantments! Upon completion of our Prison server, we’ll next be looking at our other servers and working on a new over hall for them such as a new Hub, and some changes to Survival/Towny.

Changes to our Discord

As some of you may have noticed we’ve made some slight changes to our discord server by moving channels around, removing channels and adding emojis to some of the channels, going forward we plan to move our Minecraft reports to our forums to hopefully clean up our discord server, some other channels may get removed also in the future.


Community Feedback

We would like to hear from you! Whether it be the changes we’ve already made to the discord or changes you’d like to see us implement! We’d love to hear it! your feedback and suggestions will help and allow us to shape Darktechi into an even better community than it already is! If you’d like to give us feedback visit our discord and go to the #community-feedback channel and let us know what you’d like to see changed or if there is anything you like that we already changed!

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