Community Update (04/05/2022)


Hello everyone, we are proud to announce some new changes coming to Darktechi! From new ranks, and some recent server changes


For a while now we’ve had the rank “streamer” but not given it to many people. to help resolve this we have gone and created an application for Facebook gaming & Twitch streamers to apply for the streamer rank, if you are interested in the application you can find it here. We also have just opened the ability for youtubers to have the ability to apply for the new “YouTube” rank this application can be found here.

Since these ranks are still new there is some issues we may need to resolve with them and may be a little be relaxed on early applicants, currently the ranks are only available/visible on our Survival server but hope to in the coming days to have it network-wide.



Latest changes to Survival

  • Upgraded server RAM
  • Begun new crate
  • Begun custom armor/items
    • More to come on this soon
  • Optimized server
  • Fixed issue where Vote link 3 wouldn’t give crate key reward + money
  • misc. backend changes


Latest changes to Hub

  • Minor tweaks
  • Updated texture pack
    • added YouTube rank badge


Latest updates on Prison development

  • Mines created
  • Sell NPCs finished
    • Sell amounts per mine added
  • Permissions updated
  • Bugfixes


Latest updates on Factions Development

  • Spawn area development begun
  • Scoreboard 50% configured
  • Permissions updated
  •  Bugfixes

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