Community Update (04/02/2022)


Hello everyone! We hope you enjoyed our little April fools joke. We would first like to mention that we are not in over $400k debt nor will Darktechi be shutting down.


We do have some small changes coming to Darktechi, for starters we have resolved the issue of voting for our servers and not getting rewarded for it. We have also added on survival that upon voting you’ll receive $500/per vote! as for Skyblock we are still debating on whether to add that or something similar (may add gems as a reward)


It has been brought to our attention that users who signed up or used a Gmail/Yahoo account are currently not receiving their activation emails or any email from us, have you fear that you perhaps didn’t type your email wrong. However, until this is resolved you’ll need to join our discord so we may manually activate your account. We have talked to our host, and it has been brought to our attention that this is a known issue, and they are trying to resolve it, however at this time there is no ETA of how long it’ll take to resolve


Sneak peak of armor
Sneak peak of custom armor

For survival we are also working on a new crate as well as some custom armor for this crate!

There’ll be a chance for the crate key to be obtained via vote crates or buyable on our store (when ready), on top of this we’ll be added a rarity system to these items more to come on that later!

We hope tp have the armor finished soon along side add more custom items and armor to Survival. Have a suggestion for something we should add as a custom armor or item? let us know on the forums or in our discord!


While myself & @Heroic Potatoes have been working on a few servers such as prison, our director of servers @Demonishboy has started working on a Factions server which once ready will be announced here! We also hop to have our Prison server done soon as @Heroic Potatoes and I have become super busy and haven’t been able to push the project as fast as we originally wanted.

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