Community Update (03/24/2022)

Community Update

We have added some new features/and made some slight changes to the servers we hope you’ll enjoy! For starters, we have gone and redone our ranks on Survival and added some new custom theming to them, and are still reworking a few of them but should have it done soon! once we have finished making these changes to Survival we’ll be working on adding them to Skyblock and maybe even Hub.

Role Changes for Survival

Some roles have been changed to the following

Old Rank

New Rank

Due to this change in rank names, there is a chance that in the past if you’ve donated you may experience some issues on the server, if you do please make a post under our bug reports section. Also due to these changes you will need to download the servers resource pack which will be requested to download on join.

Recent Griefing Update

Since our last update we mentioned we had been griefed by four individuals read more about that here, since this incident, we have hopefully repaired all the damages caused by them, we are unsure if all damage has been resolved if you do come across more damage, please make a forum post here. So we may address and quickly resolve any issues that may still arise!

Furthermore we are more than happy to announce we are going to be opening Skyblock to everyone again as of late today!

Community Content

Have something cool you want us to share in our posts? made an awesome build? Post it in our discord or our forums! and who knows maybe we’ll post your content in our posts.

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Community Update (03/24/2022)

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