Community Update (03/03/2022)

Darktechi Update (03/03/2022)

Unfortunately as much as I wish this to be an update about some new changes we’ve made. We sadly had our network griefed, the users whom did the griefing have been permanently banned.

What Happened

On 03/02/2022 around 1:00PM one of the griefers DM’ed myself on Discord stating “ur server got griefed” when we looked into it At first I did not notice any damage to our servers as I checked Survival and Hub and upon quickly checking Skyblock all seemed fine and thought it was a trolling message, until I checked into a chat log and noticed 4 players had recently joined and started spamming chat, Spamming Commands, and some how obtained access to Operator on SkyBlock. We have later found these players had also gained access to our Skyblocks permissions.
The griefer names were: [meganom, _nudlan_, Quboscannner, & 5000Dela5000] If you are a server owner. I would highly suggest you ban these players as soon as possible

What was Damaged

Luckily for us it seems damage was minimal and only the spawn of Skyblock was destroyed, As it also seems as of now player(s) islands seem to be fine and not affected from the griefers. Other than this no damage has happened to other servers.

What is to happen next?

As of now we have gone and locked down our SkyBlock Realm, This will allow us to make sure that no other damage has accorded, and to resolve the last bit of damages from them, our next step will be to increase security all across the network, this will not be released of what will be done for obvious reasons. Once Skyblock is restored there will be an announcement of the restoration and repairs of it posted here.

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