Community Update (01/21/2022)

Community Updates

Phew! A lot has changed within the recent months and we’re sorry we haven’t posted them sooner!

For starters I would like to welcome three new staff members to our team!

Noni2245 – Developer

NotTallent – Admin

Cazzy360 – Admin

If you are interested in joining our team please fill out our staff application form


Community changes

Going forward we will be removing player and bug reports from our discord and moving them to our forums this is so we may have player reports public and keep better tracking on our bugs this’ll also allow us to interact with the bug reporter easier.

Also we’ll be working on posting ban reasoning more in depth on the website.


Server changes



We have gone and replaced our old hub with something new and easier to navigate!
Added support for 1.18 clients



Has been updated to 1.17.1
Added support for 1.18 clients
Crates are being reworked
Plugin changes



Added support for 1.18 clients



Still under development.
Mines have been setup
Permissions are nearly complete
Shop is set up
Gem shop is set up
Crates are almost ready
Plugins are 86% configured


Poll questions

(to vote in these you’ll need to be in our discord)


Question 1:

Would you like for quests to be brought back to Survival?


Question 2:

If we were to launch a Bedwars server how many of you would be interested in playing on it?


Closing notes

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and new years! Lets make 2022 great!

Also if you have any suggestions for something you’d like to see added to Darktechi, please post them in the forums!

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