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Darktechi Update | Server changes (01/14/2021)

Darktechi Update 01/14/2020 Hello everyone! we are proud to announce some updates and changes coming to Darktechi! For starters we'll soon be reworking our staff page and also be working on introducing a new servers page! some other pages we will be adjusting are the voting page for MC and our home page. Minecraft server changes As you may have seen in our last post, that we would be launching our hub & prison server soon! as of 1/13/2021 both servers are now live! some features in hub & prison are not fully setup or are in the progress of…

by Darktornado23
January 14, 2021

Darktechi Website & Server Changes (8/17/2020)

Website Changes Hello everyone I hope you are all having a great day! We've gone and made some changes to our website! such as we've gone and removed the old boring forum system and added a new one in with some new topics and layout! Have some suggestions for what we should add as a new forum? let us know here! (A picture of the new forums) Server Changes While we've been working on getting the shop world ready we have also started working on soon having vote crates available! As of now we don't have exact plans for what…

by Darktornado23
August 17, 2020

Minecraft server is now live!

Hello everyone! We have finally launched our Minecraft server! With this launch we hope you guys will enjoy the basis of our server, as time progresses within the next few weeks we'll be trying to push out new updates which will include PVP Arena world Shop world Fisherman NPC rework Creative world Crates And more! You can find more of our plans for this server here!  If we find out there is any major game breaking bugs in our server we will work on patching them first! so please if you find a bug within our server go to our…

by Darktornado23
June 21, 2020

Planned launch of our Minecraft server

Minecraft Launch Hello everyone! we are proud to announce we will be opening our server up soon! with this being said since I've had some issues in my personal life involving my grandfather I haven't been able to really work on the server much, however he is doing much better! Now that he is doing better I can try to focus more time on the community and the server! upon us opening the server some features will still be unavailable at this time! which will be as follows Server voting Donator ranks Server crates Creative world Bar NPC doesn't work…

by Darktornado23
June 20, 2020

Badges, Profile changes and more!

Badges, Profile changes and more! Hey guys! first I would like to say thanks to all of you for holding in there with us as we worked on updating the website! We've added in some new features such as "Badges" where people can earn badges for certain things such as signing up for the site, logging in x amount of times and more! For now there isn't many badges in place, but hold in there and we'll add more soon though! We've been adding in some new features for profiles such as the ability to enter your "Pokemon Friend Code"…

by Darktornado23
March 24, 2020

New website layout || Minecraft Server info

Website Layout Hello everyone! As you may notice we've began working on a new website layout!What you can expect going forward1: Some features will be unavailable until further notice.2: All forum posts have been purged3: Some pages may/have been removed or moved.If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact me on here or on discord as we've been working on a lot of new changes Minecraft Server Update As we've been working on the website update we've also been working on updating out Minecraft server to 1.15.2What to Expect with the update1: Will be on the…

by Darktornado23
March 18, 2020


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