Badges, Profile changes and more!

Badges, Profile changes and more!

Hey guys! first I would like to say thanks to all of you for holding in there with us as we worked on updating the website!

We’ve added in some new features such as “Badges” where people can earn badges for certain things such as signing up for the site, logging in x amount of times and more! For now there isn’t many badges in place, but hold in there and we’ll add more soon though! We’ve been adding in some new features for profiles such as the ability to enter your “Pokemon Friend Code” and more! We’ll soon be adding in some more options to display such as what Hogwarts house you are in, Pokemon go Team and more.

Minecraft Server

We are working hard on getting our Minecraft server up to 1.15.2! What will be adding in?

  • Towny
  • Updated Shop
  • Some new quests
    • We plan on launching the server with three quest series available and add another series of quests every two-three weeks
      • Quests that will be available on launch
        • Intro
        • Novice
        • Settlers

When our server goes officially live again we’ll be launching a 3x McMMO XP weekend, we’ll also give the first 10 players to join upon launch 500 in game currency!


If you have a suggestion for a feature or think we should add something new to our site or in our Minecraft server? please let us know on our discord! We take community suggestions very seriously and will do our best to attempt and add in your suggestions 🙂


want to donate to us? you can donate to us by clicking here All donations will help us grow our network! upon donating to us you’ll be given the donator tag in our discord! (once donator roles are setup on the server you’ll also get a donator rank equivalent to what you donated)

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