PixelMon Server Announcement

Hello Everyone! We are proud to announce that we’ll be soon launching a PixelMon Server!
While we’ve been working on the slow upgrade for our survival server one of our staff members asked if they could manage a PixelMon server! So, while we progress on the upgrade @rabbit has been working hard on getting the PixelMon server started! We hope to have the server up and running within the next couple of weeks.

With that being said we’ll be opening staff applications around the time of launching the server!
Positions that will be available are as follows:

* Helper
* Trial-Admin
* Trial-Mod
* Admin
* Moderator
* And more to come as seen fit.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask us on our discord! just mention @rabbit, or myself @darktornado23!

Survival server update

We thought we’d give a bit of an update of why the Survival server is taking so long to update.

The reason we’ve been taking so long to update the Survival server is due to huge time constraints as I’ve become very busy with college, and so have the others with this being said we do not plan to abandon the server but it will take us some time. If you feel as if you can truly help us move the update along please DM me on discord!

What is left for the update

* Add in new quests
* Update Permissions
* Minor bug testing
* Make sure all plugins are working
* Update webstore

We do want to get the server up and running as quick as we can but due to being super busy with college I am unable to do this alone and would like to welcome some of you aboard to help with this so if you have any experience with PEX Permissions, and updating plugin configs please let me know and I’d like to have you part of the Darktechi Team!