First server set to go live soon

First Server

Hello everyone! as of today we are announcing that our first server will be going live very soon! What is the server? The server will be Minecraft 1.8.8 with ViaVersion to allow players up to 1.13.2 the ability to join in. The server will also be a survival type with quests and what not, alongside this we are going to attempt every month to add new features to keep it all fun! Some new features can/may include boss battles, custom items and more so stay tuned for that. Some other features we have also added in is a Plot/Creative world so players can build freely in the plot world! Potential building contests may happen.

Darktechi Webstore

Along with the server we have also launched a webstore for the server so players can buy items/ perks such as titles and kits.
When the server is launched there will be a sale also running where everyone will get 25% off their purchases.
Once the server is up we’ll be adding new content to the store also. The store web address will be released on the launch of the server.

Community Suggestions

As we go forth with the server launch, we want to hear from you guys! If you have a suggestion of what we should add there will be a channel called #mc-suggestions (once made) this channel is for anyone to make a suggestion of what we should add in or edit, think the prices for diamonds is to cheap? let us know!, found a really cool plugin we should add? let us know! Now please do note some suggestions may not make the cut, this can be due to the fact the plugin costs us to much, the suggestion is impossible for us to make happen, or anything else of the sort.