Darktechi Modpack Live!

We’ve launched the Darktechi Modpack!

Hello everyone a few months back we began development on a modpack for Darktechi. After many months of debugging and making it more fun we’ve finally launched it! What the modpack is based around is the industrial age of Minecraft, some mods we’ve added are as follows. IndustrialCraft2, Tinkers Construct, TrainCraft, and more! We are always looking at how to improve the pack so if you have ANY suggestions please feel free to let us know in the Discord, with this being said in the next couple of days we’ll be adding voice/text channels for the modpack and we hope within the next month to have a server live for the modpack!

To install the modpack please go to our modpack section of the site here we have guides for bugs, as well as an install guide!
lastly, if you wish to help us getting the server quicker feel free to donate by clicking here.


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