Adding Guides!

Adding Guides to Darktechi!

We’ve begun to roll out Game Guides on Darktechi what these will attend to are things such as, starter guides, level 1-99 skill guides and more. As of now, we’ve only scratched the surface! By starting with a Runescape skilling guide list, As you all may know these guides take a bit of time. We ask you to please bear with us as we‘ll try developing these guides done as fast as we can! Also, if something in the guide is not correct or could use, a tweaking please let us know! We‘ll be more than happy to look at our mistake and change it. Got a suggestion for another guide that we may not have yet? Shoot us a message with a brief explanation of what it is. If we think it’s valid or has a place with us, we’ll begin developing a guide for it!

Game Server update!

Within the next week or, so we should be getting ready to begin deploying our servers, once we‘ve deployed them we‘ll be brushing the dust off the old Minecraft servers first. Additionally, we’ll begin planning to roll out some more game servers. If you have, a suggestion on what we should host for servers please let us know! We take your feedback into consideration when we bring about changes to Darktechi, If you wish to help Darktechi expand you can always donate to us by clicking here. Any bit helps!

Staff Applications!

Once we’ve started getting our game servers back up and running, we’ll begin to accept applications for positions on the servers! So don’t forget to apply under the applications tab! We’ll more than likely look past Some requirements to become staff on a server(s) with this being said some requirements will still stand.

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