Gamer tags can now be added to your profile!

Gamer tags can now be added to your profile!

Hey everyone! Awesome news we’ve added a lot of new settings to user profiles such as Discord name, Sex, System(s), Favorite game(s), and more.  We’ve also allowed users who have a twitch to be able to post their twitch profile URL on their profile!

Servers coming soon?

Another thing we plan on trying to start up is our game servers again we’re not sure on what we want to start with yet but we know Minecraft will be one of them. If you’d like to suggest a game server please feel free to comment below, or tell us in Discord!

If you’d like to suggest any other options to user profiles please feel free to let us know! we’re always looking at what our users want and if we think we can make it work we’ll try to!

If you’d like to help Darktechi out send us a donation by clicking here! We’ll soon be attempting to roll out donor perks. There still be planned out our donors will get access to sneak peaks of the new servers, get to access donor only channels on the Discord and more!

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