Website upgrades and user merger!

author image by Darktornado23 | 1 Comment | February 10, 2018

Website upgrades! and user merger!

Us here at Darktechi Network have some amazing news! we’ve already finished roughly 75% of the website upgrade and the old user data merger! as we promised we’ve added some new features which are as followed.

  • Ability to add Discord Name to profile.
  • New applications.
  • Ability to now set a 1500×300 cover photo.
  • And more on the way!

As of right now we sadly can’t accept new members for the fact we’ve still got to rebuild user permissions on the site. Users are still welcome to join our Discord so please feel free to hang out with us on the discord! If you have any suggestions or concerns about the website please join the discord and message one of the owners or please feel free to E-mail us at we’ll look into your concerns and attempt to make changes if possible! also if you wish to donate to us please just click the word DONATE and you’ll be able to send a donation to Darktechi Network!

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