Website Maintenance finished

author image by Darktornado23 | 0 Comments | November 9, 2017

Website maintenance complete!

Hello everyone we have good news! To start we’ve gone and finished the website maintenance some features you may notice are the following. We’re also planning out some new features as well.

  • New user registration will have a “resend activation link” option.
  • Profile layout changes are planned for the future.
  • Planned new chat system.


Some other plans

Within the next few weeks we’ll be adding an application for users to apply for Community Leaders and Community assistants. We’ll be posting when it’s live all users must be a member or higher to apply. Within the next few months
we’ll also be looking at doing maintenance on the TeamSpeak 3 server and some of the other new systems will be deployed. Lastly we’ll be looking in to deploying the game servers once we have the available funding. If you wish to help us out please consider donating to us Via PayPal Donation link .
In due time we’ll be deploying out new donator perks some may include Early access to servers, a Donator only chat, as well as donator TeamSpeak Channels.

Forums is back online!

As you may have already noticed the Forums tab is back! Durning the website maintenance we finished up the tweaks that were needed to be done for the tweaks if you see any issues or anything that needs to be changed, or anything missing from the forums please message us and we’ll try to get it added as soon as we can.

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