Planned Website Maintenance

author image by Darktornado23 | 0 Comments | November 6, 2017

Planned website maintenance has been put in effect

Hello everyone!,

We have scheduled some website maintenance throughout the week. Why we have planned website maintenance is for the fact that there are some backend updates we need to address and adjust don’t worry as this should not take to long! Please note as this is only going to effect our website and nothing else so any external links unless specified will not be effected!
Here is some of the following you should notice once maintenance has began and that is as follows.

  1. Random server crashes
  2. Content getting reverted or un-accessible
  3.  User registration disabled

We ask that you stay with us as we will be working on updating the site as fast as possible

we also recommend signing up for our notifications by clicking on the little bell Icon as seen in the image. When you click that Icon you’ll be notified of all new posts that we make as soon as there posted. There is no sign up required just a simple click and allow us to send you notifications then BAM you’re done! If you have ANY questions about the maintenance please feel free to contact Dark or Demon and we’ll be glad to answer any question(s) that may arise from this.

When the maintenance is done we will be looking into adding a chat room system! so what this will allow is users to talk with their Darktechi friends. The chat system will be something like Facebook’s chat system. a few other things we’ll be trying to get back up and running is our Game servers! If you wish to help us get the servers back up and running please consider donating to Darktechi Network. All donations help us get everything up and running as well as stay alive. We’ll be soon looking in to setting up donation ranks on the website as well as game servers.

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