Fourms placed under maintenance

author image by Darktornado23 | 0 Comments | November 1, 2017

For the time being we have gone and disabled the Forums until further notice for the following reasons.

  • Rebuild the forums so there back to there full 100%
  • Make changes to their navigational layout.
  • Tweak user permissions on the forums and attempt to apply new roles to said forums.

Please do note we’ll make a post about when the forums has been brought back up to there full glory and will be able to be used again. We do ask that you hold tight as we’ll be working on this as fast as we can. We do have a TeamSpeak 3 server up and running so if you want to go and check that out click here Once you click it will open your TeamSpeak 3 client and auto connect for you if you are having trouble with this please contact any of the administrators on here and we’ll be more then glad to help you.

If you do not wish to connect to our TeamSpeak then don’t worry you can enable notifications on the site by clicking the little bell Icon (see picture)

clicking this Icon will allow you to get updates whenever we make new posts on the site. This will also help us keep our gamers up to date with news and updates! In the future to make everyone happy we will soon have a Discord server up and running for everyone to join if your not a big fan of TeamSpeak. If you want to help out Darktechi get more servers up and running please consider donating to us every bit helps! Darktechi PayPal  in the future we will be working on donation perks witch include but are not limited to. VIP Server Access, Own Discord/TS3 channel, Custom Rank names on website and TeamSpeak/Discord. and so much more is planned!


Thank you for your time.

–Director of Operations

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