Lots of new changes!

author image by Darktornado23 | 0 Comments | October 20, 2017

Hello everyone! Some or a lot of you may have noticed a lot of changes within Darktechi which will be all explained so with that being said lets get down to it.

First off is the name change it was a small but big changes we have moved away from being called “Darktechi Gaming” to Darktechi Network reason behind this small change is due to the fact some of our members are also on Xbox and Playstation platforms. Another reason is for the fact that we are branching out into other areas such as youtube, twitch and so on.

Next up is the website might not look 100% different but it is trust me haha. Reason we reset the website was some of the things we have changed is roles within the site we have been working on deploying out a new staff roster also updated a lot of the backend goodies we had to fix.

Some other changes that have happened are that we now have a few sponsors! we are sponsored by OtterBox and Gamefly! so go check out our sponsors page and find out some of our other sponsors!

Account registration will stay disabled for a while as we go and finish up with these changes as well as make some adjustments to the user profiles. till then please hold tight with us as we are working on getting all the changes done as fast as possible.

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